120 Laser Diodes / 650nM / 4.9mw / 5 Panel Locking Wheels / Full Year Warranty

The Xtreme 120 Hood is the most popular in-clinic laser we sell.

It has a high-tech carbon fiber outside and an inside as tough as nails with many of our older lasers still going strong after 15-20 years of use.

It’s easy to use, and fits anywhere in your salon, studio or clinic.

It includes a timer and automatically shuts off after the preprogram time (normally 30 minutes) has passed.

The Xtreme 120 Hood is sold by itself or with our Signature Salon package giving you everything you need to run a top-quality Hair Loss Clinic.


Signature Salon package can include:

XTC Signature Salon Training & Support

50+ Hrs. training videos (2) Custom training sessions, Live Weekly Q & A

Live Monthly webinars, Custom coaching is available, and we can even do remote consultations with you until you are comfortable doing them yourself.

XTC™ Signature Salon Marketing USB 425+ Documents, Consultation PPT, 50+Treatment programs options forms, Before & After pictures & testimonials, Check-Up training guide, disclaimers, etc.

XTC Product Starter Kit– 
Natural Boost System (3 mo.)
(1) Xtreme Boost+ System (3 mo.)
(1) Hair Strengthening System (3 mo.)
(1) Growth Factor Starter Kit-(3) Factor G6 Daily & (3) Derma Rollers(.5 mm)
(3) Scalp Prep (4 oz)
(2) Xtreme DHT & Nutrients 90 Day
(2) Xtreme Silk (2 oz.)
(2) Xtreme Leave-In Conditioner (8 oz.)
(2) Nourish + Conditioner (8 oz.).

Pure Shampoo 32oz w/ pump
(1) Bio-Cure Shampoo 32oz w/ Pump
Nourish + Conditioner 32oz w/ pump
(1) Scalp Prep 16oz

Brochures (25 XTC products & Systems + 25 Are You Concerned with Hair Loss)

Protective Eyewear & Full year warranty


These Low-Level Light Hair Devices are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease or illness, including hair loss in any way. See more details in our policies and disclaimers