How Has XTC Worked For Your Salon?
XTC has made my dreams come true! About a year-and-a-half ago, I was on Facebook and saw an ad to become a Trichologist. I was interested in what that was, since the technical term for being an electrologist is a hypertrichologist. Once I realized it was becoming an expert in helping to restore the hair on the head, I knew immediately that this was the next step in my career path. I could finally help myself. I know first-hand as a teenager getting teased- some rotten kids in class would say “looks like Lisa is bald head” because you would see my scalp when I poufed my hair (which was the style in high school.) I have had low self-esteem from that point on, until I learned how to improve these issues on myself!

I took the class with US Trichology Institute and XTC Hair Rejuvenation Systems is the sponsor company. Since taking classes, my business has grown! I now offer laser therapy and their unique multi therapeutic approach to regrow hair. It’s grown so much that I am moving my business  in with a very successful OB/GYN office. I was invited to join them. I am so super excited for the opportunity to have 4 OB doctors and a plastic surgeons patients walking by my door every day! I am ready for my business to explode! Thanks to everyone at XTC for helping me make my dreams come true – and, more, importantly, making my own nightmare of thinning hair go away for GOOD!


Beauty Must-haves
Priia Foundation- great for acne & rosacea prone skin; controls oily shine throughout the day.


An Experience You Learned From
I was teased in high school for having thin hair, hairy arms & bad skin. I actually thanked one of the biggest offenders a few years after graduating- his unkind words helped point me to my career path. I told him this as he stacked grocery store shelves while I’m running my own business. #itsthelittlethingsthatmakemesmile #SorryNOTSorry


Five Year Plan
– Moving in with a popular, successful OB/GYN & plastic surgeon office in early spring
– Debt free in 2017
– New home in better school district ASAP
– Get more lasers so I can have a larger clinic
– Work Smarter, not harder; hire others to expand the business into a self-sustaining machine.
– More travel & down time when business is self-sustaining
– Offer consultations, retail & follow-up for plastic surgeon to have medical staff do PRP & Microneedling within my space


What Inspires You?
My family.


Best Piece of Advice You’ve Received
Stop & smell the roses. I need to take that advice more often!


Greatest Accomplishment
I would have to say that all the steps I’ve taken to advance my career have also helped with self-esteem issues I grew up with. Starting with Electrolysis to get my pesky chin hairs under control, then on to facials & clinical skin care and last but NOT least Trichology. I easily build a nice rapport [ with clients ] since I can relate, share my own experiences and show the clients my own before & after photos. Personally, [ my greatest accomplishment ] is marrying my husband- he puts up with A LOT! And being a mom is up there, too.


Other Interests?
I am a Girl Scout Troop leader – 5th year. It helps me slow down and be in the moment while having a greater sense of purpose. I guide the girls in learning how to make the world a better place. And it gives me quality time with my daughter!


Where Can Clients Follow You on Social?
Clients can find me mostly on Facebook. I also have a blog within my website .