By default, the clipboard function on your computer allows you to paste only the last item you copied – this was improved in Windows 10 with the Super Clipboard, yet not many people know about it or use it on a regular basis.
XClipper is one of the applications that can provide you with an optimized clipboard manager meant to improve your efficiency and productivity.
Minimalist GUI
The main window of the utility can be accessed either from the system tray menu, or via a hard-coded hotkey – this second option makes it extremely easy for you to open the window regardless of the program you are working in.
All the items you add to the clipboard from now on are automatically added within XClipper so you can choose which one to paste to your documents.
Supports several clipboard data formats
You are not restricted to text items only, you can add whatever content you need to work with. For example, you can add URLs or even images, then preview the graphics to their full size within XClipper, without needing to rely on a third-party tool.
Moreover, you can view the as creation date of each entry, while also getting the possibility to modify it before pasting it or pin one or more items to the top of the list for easy access.
You can also search for a certain clipboard item or filter them according to various criteria to ensure you always get only the most relevant ones.
All in all, XClipper comes in handy to all those who want to make the most of their PC's clipboard functionality, yet are not satisfied with the features provided by Windows. No technical skills are required, so even less tech-savvy users can organize and sort multiple clipboard items within the same window.


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XClipper Crack For Windows provides the best way to organize and manage clipboard items. It supports over 20 clipboard formats and can pin your most-used ones on the top of the list, view each entry by its creation date, text size, date or any additional information.
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– Adds clipboard items to Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit)
– Automatic support for file types: Excel (xlsx), PowerPoint (ppt), Word (docx), Visio (vsd) and many others
– Tabbed interface with one-click to show or hide the clipboard window
– Ability to “pin” the last clipboard to a default location
– Ability to remove clipboard entries and add new ones
– Ability to filter items by keyword
– Ability to set to auto-hide
– Ability to set the clipboard window to transparent and full screen
– Ability to show and hide the taskbar
– Supports hotkeys for easy access
– Ability to edit the app properties


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You can find the latest version on our webpage:
or our GitHUB:

GitHUB could also be found on GitHub:


CrazyClipper Description:
CrazyClipper is a program that will help you transfer multiple text files at once.
It can copy/paste a number of files from/to various applications, such as from Microsoft Excel to MS Word, from MS Access to Word, from Notepad++ to Notepad or anything else.
CrazyClipper can save settings on the fly, allowing you to paste files in various formats with one click!
Key features:
1) Paste multiple files in various applications: from MS Word to WordPerfect, from MS Excel to Excel, from WordPad to WordPad, from Excel to OpenOffice, from Notepad to Notepad, from Notepad to Windows, from Notepad to OpenOffice, from OpenOffice to Windows, from OpenOffice to Microsoft Visio, from Visio to MS Word, from MS Word to WinZip, from WinZip to MS Office, from MS Office to MS Word and so on…
2) Free: absolutely free, open-source and 100% supported by users
3) Easy: right-click and choose Paste… a feature many people miss
4) General: works with many applications

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Simple but powerful clipboard manager
XClipper is a very simple clipboard manager for Windows, designed to make life easier for those who use the clipboard. This tool gives you the ability to copy, organize and search for various clipboard items within a single window.
With XClipper, you can:
– Organize items according to different criteria
– Select items and delete them
– Paste all the items you copied, and even preview the graphics at their full size
– You can add new entries to the clipboard and sort them, you can sort them by:
– Creation date
– Filetype (e.g. url)
– File size
– File extension
– Priority (e.g. high, medium, low)
– Pin one or more items to the top of the list, so they are always easy to find
Other features include:
– Easily manage the priority of your clipboard entries
– Ability to add a custom search function to your clipboard
– Ability to view the creation date of each entry
– Ability to open filemanager for each item
– Ability to add custom file associations for all the items you copy
– Ability to pin one or more items to the top of the list
– Ability to sort items by:
– Creation date
– Filetype (e.g. url)
– File size
– File extension
– Priority (e.g. high, medium, low)
– Pin one or more items to the top of the list, so they are always easy to find
Special thanks
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the following people for their contributions, reviews, help and support:
– Radek Węgrzyński – Redesign, code and testing of the application
– Marcin T. – Help with setting up the application and testing the application
– Jonas K. – Support for the application
– Niklas G. – Numerous suggestions, code and testing
– Denis S. – Suggestions and help with the application
– Ryszard D. – Testing and support
Special thanks for their support and contributions are also due to the following people:
– Paweł P. – Testing and suggestions
– Frans B. – Code and suggestions
– Mark S. – Suggestions
– Jeffrey P. – Testing and suggestions
– Niklas B. – Support
– Marcus R. – Suggestions
– Martin K. – Support
– Jan P

What’s New in the?

XClipper is a clipboard manager that can help you to store and organize the clipboards of your programs.
Main Window:
XClipper supports several clipboard data formats including text, URL, email, notes, rich text, HTML, PDF and more.
XClipper can help you to:
– Store Clipboards from all your applications (Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Opera,…) and sync them between your PCs (Windows, Mac, Linux)
– Search your clipboards
– Sort the clipboards
– Quickly insert the clipboards in your documents
– Preview your clipboards (each of them as a full size)
– Pin the most relevant clipboard items on the top of the list so they will be always available for you
– Append your favorite clipboards to your favorites
– View the creation date of each clipboard entry
– Edit/Change the clipboards items
Install XClipper, for Windows and Mac :
XClipper is a freeware.
Support request:
– Open new thread and post the request in it;
– Include an image with the screenshot of the application window;
– Please give some details about your problem or request;
– Include the link of the application in the description.
– How to install XClipper for Windows:
– 1) Download XClipper from GitHub and unzip it
– 2) Move all the files from the unzipped folder to the root of the system directory (c:/XClipper for Windows)
– 3) Double click on the XClipper.exe file to run it
– 4) When prompted to uninstall, select Yes
– 5) Double click on the XClipper.exe file to run it
– 6) When prompted to update, select Yes
– 7) XClipper should be installed.
– 8) When prompted, close XClipper.
– 9) Repeat the above steps for installing XClipper on your Mac.
– 10) Follow the instructions for unzipping, moving and double clicking on the application.
– 11) When prompted, close XClipper.
– 12) Follow the instructions for updating the application.
– 13) XClipper should be installed.
– 14) When prompted, close XClipper.
For more information on installing XClipper for Windows and Mac, please see:

To report a problem with XClipper, please use the following instructions:
– Open a new thread and post the request in it;
– Include an image with the screenshot of the application window;
– Please give some details about your problem or request;
– Include the link of the application in the description.
To report bugs in XClipper, please go to the GitHub

System Requirements:

Windows XP or later with DirectX 9.0c or later, Windows Vista or Windows 7
CPU: 2.0 GHz dual core
DirectX: 9.0c
HDD: 10 GB free space
Keyboard and Mouse
Input Devices: Keyboard and Mouse
The player’s objective is to reach the end of the level, however players can destroy blocks and other enemies to reach the exit.
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