Windows 7 Ultimate Sp1 Oem 48 In 1 X86 X64 Untouchedl !!EXCLUSIVE!!

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Windows 7 Ultimate Sp1 Oem 48 In 1 X86 X64 Untouchedl

i have windows 7 professional and i dont have any recovery discs for that, but i have a dell oem disc with a key. but i dont know if that will work for me, because i bought a laptop at a store. i dont think they are going to give me the recovery discs for it. i really want to install windows 7 on my computer.

i just downloaded win 7 ultimate 64bit and it is not from microsoft unless microsoft enjoys including crack folders and keygens. i loaded it up into magiciso and could not open any of the folders, just the main directory. i thought these were genuine
i dont think the msft. server is one from microsoft. if it is, then someone need investigate microsofts integrity and find out whos uploading these images calling them versions of windows for backup. these may have rootkits or spyware in them if they were gotten from illegal sites

like i said before
licensing is pretty complex
says you bought branded pcs (dell, lenovo etc) the windows they provided is one off license which means that key will only work on that very pc and it will lock its hardware no matter what.
you can reinstall same os its pre-installed, provided the manufacturer gave you those recovery disc, if not your basically stuck.
and those windows you can install on any pc, provided that the previous no longer running are retail version, not oem
and thats why its expensive

now were talking.
by now, microsoft no longer selling windows 7 directly (retail) and pushing up all vendors using windows 8.
so it actually depends, in certain country (like mine) 3rd party are selling oem license windows 7 for a real steal (really really cheap) however they are one off ( which mean cannot 1 license only 1 pc, cannot be reused) license and usually will stick to current hardware your using. and this usually fall to grey area as microsoft deem not worth the time and money chasing people for abusing the license agreement.
usually this license only available to vendor (as in pc manufacturer like dell, hp, lenovo etc) as they need license windows pre-install on their products (eg desktop, laptop, tablet etc)

so basically your stuck. or else search around ebay or whatnot if some of those 3rd party selling the license (who knows the license is original from microsoft or pirate generate license, which burn your money, really).

in reply to tjwilson: i have a dell inspiron 1tb that i want to do a windows 7 install on. i need to re download the windows 7 install dvd. i can not seem to get the 32 bit version of windows 7. i also need to create a install on a pen drive but i am not sure what to pick.
> > windows 7 ultimate sp1 oem 48 in 1 x86 x64 untouchedl windows 7 ultimate pro is a 64 bit version and win 7 pro 64 bit is the same edition as win 7 home premium and win 7 ultimate. the difference is the one that has the 64 bit and has a 64 bit program is the 64 bit version. if you have win 7 home premium or ultimate you are limited to the 32 bit program and cannot get the 64 bit program. you can have both 32 bit and 64 bit programs installed on a single computer. you must have the dvd iso file, not the iso file for the dvd.
i downloaded the win 7 ultimate 32 bit iso to a flash drive that is 2gb and i am trying to make it bootable. i have tried several programs to do this but nothing works. i have tried and tried the universal usb installer, pendrivelinux, poweriso, etc. etc. i keep getting errors with the files that it does not like. the files are in a iso format and are not corrupt. i did the universal usb installer several times with the same results. i always get an error when it gets to the files that it can not read. i have tried formatting the usb to fat32 and ntfs and that does not help. i have tried many different usb flash drives. i have tried another computer with the same results. i am using the following hardware: usb 2.
this is incorrect. an oem windows license is tied to the original hardware it was sold with. the license cannot be transferred to another computer. once activated on a specific computer, the license is tied to that computer. microsoft considers the motherboard as the computer. if the motherboard dies and needs to be replaced, the activation service will see it is a new computer (unless replaced with an exact match). but if you call the phone activation and explain to them your motherboard died and was replaced, they will usually activate (my past experiences). if the key being used is a retail key, then yes, the license can be transferred to a different machine, provided it is only activated on one machine at a time. but given the previous comments about laptops and acer computer, i would guess this in reference to an oem install.
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Windows 7 Ultimate Sp1 Oem 48 In 1 X86 X64 Untouchedl !!EXCLUSIVE!!

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