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For teachers who love kids and want to make their experience “a living classroom”, Curriculum Partner is a valuable companion for them. Its Education Record and Assessment API has opened doors for teachers around the world.
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It is a platform for bringing together game developers and businesses to make great content.
It is currently only available in English, US.


A social media platform designed to share game experiences.

GAMELO is a social media platform focused on entertainment experiences. It was created by the global community of creators and millions of fans who are passionate about the intersection of entertainment, creativity and community. GAMELO is currently only available in English, Brazil and Spain.


Restaurants, local culture and famous people.

HotSpot is a location-based platform that combines game discovery and communication into one fun experience that connects people with the places, food and culture they love. HotSpot is currently only available in English, Switzerland and Korea.


A social media platform for chatting, playing games, discovering new things, and meeting new people.

What is Spartaco?
Spartaco is a new way to interact with people around you. It’s a small mobile social media that combines gaming with traditional communication. Spartaco is not only a platform for communication, games, and discovering new places, it’s also a tool for connecting people and turning the real world into a community.
How do I use it?
It’s as easy as downloading the app. You can see people and places nearby, you can create your profile, you can play games with friends and get tips on places nearby. And we’re still working on some other cool features.


Educational platform for kids on healthy choices and entertainment

BOCUGA is a project


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The study, which was conducted by the University of California, Los Angeles’s Harris School of Public Policy, noted the current debate on gay marriage.

“This debate appears to have increased attention to the question of gay marriage — whether it is good or bad, what people expect and what the public thinks. It has therefore spurred research on what voters believe about gay marriage and why they think it should be legal or illegal,” wrote researcher Charles Lee Smith.

He continued:

What has been less investigated is how evangelicals view gay marriage and what their opinions are about gay marriage being legalized. Thus the purpose of this project.

On average, American evangelicals are ambivalent about gay marriage. Many see it as a social change, but others are fearful of it as a Christian issue.

Although there is a strong evangelical presence in the South, many evangelicals also live in the heartland and the northeast, at least among voters without religious affiliation. They are a mix of progressive and conservative, and many have concerns about gay marriage but do not care enough to be heard.

“People who are agnostic tend to have a greater interest in gay marriage. When it comes to the questions of whether gay marriage is morally acceptable and if it is socially acceptable in society, people without a religious affiliation who are agnostic lean toward yes to both questions,” wrote Smith.

The study, which surveyed 1,024 Americans, also found that younger people are less likely to oppose gay marriage than older ones, although they are not supportive of it.

Smith called it “a study of a slice of American evangelicalism that is often subject to great expectations, or at least low expectations, but is a crucial element of American politics.”

The study comes after a Washington Post/ABC poll released in late February showed that most Americans now support gay marriage. According to the study, 56% believe gay marriage should be legalized, while 34% are against it.A statement issued by ISIS claimed responsibility for the February 14 attack in Darmstadt and thanked the bomber for his


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Roblox is a free online game where you can create your own games. You can add, remove or create new objects. The user interface is just simple, easy and you can create your own games at the press of a button. You can use robux to buy better equipment and experience.

How to Play Roblox

Roblox is a multiplayer gaming platform where players can join user-created virtual worlds. You can play out your own creations or join other virtual worlds. An animated avatar controls the game, and anything can be created. Create your own mobile games on Roblox, or select from user-generated game ideas on the platform.

Created in 2005, Roblox is the third most downloaded site on the web. A gaming platform for ages 8 to infinity, you can create your own games. Roblox has more than 37 million users worldwide and is ranked by Newsweek as one of the top 100 websites on the internet.

Use Roblox Cheats

Roblox offers lots of stuff to do. You can build a house or whatever you want. Create your own game, make new friends, join clubs and more. There is lots to do in Roblox. Use our cheat code generator to get free robux, fly around levels, add zombies, build houses or get unlimited resources.

Watch the Roblox Preview Trailer

Roblox is a game where you can build your own creations. Make a restaurant, a swimming pool, a 4,000-passenger spacecraft, or a lab for humans to live in. Add unlimited objects, tools, or voices to your game. You can also build your own game using the builder. It’s free to sign up. All you need is a phone or a computer. You can play Roblox in your browser or install the mobile app on Android or iOS.

Play Games

In Roblox, you can create your own games. You have so many possibilities to play a game on Roblox. Free games, game rooms, user-generated games, exclusive games and a lot more.

Play Action Games

Players of Roblox can create games that are action-packed. Build a space capsule, dodge a falling sword, and create a game where you must help someone complete an impossible task. The creativity of players on Roblox is exciting to see.

Roblox Cheats

There are many games on Rob


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What is Robux? is a platform that brings people together to build things and create a variety of online games.

It is created by RSI Games and is an entertainment company.

On this website, you can create your own world using bots and animals that come with your own skin and fur and make your own characters.

The game is also rated by different users for different age groups. The safety of Roblox is one of the top things and the platform is not only safe for children to play.

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