The Cure Disintegration Remastered Deluxe Edition 2010 FLAC Extra Quality

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The Cure Disintegration Remastered Deluxe Edition 2010 FLAC

The Cure is prepping a 3CD set of demos and unreleased tracks from the band’s earlier years, called Disintegration: Demos and Unreleased Tracks. The set features 16 non-album tracks and 12 demos, including versions of works that appeared on Disintegration. It’s set for release on March 8 via Rhino. [ More here… ]

The Cure and longtime collaborator Tom Rowlands will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Disintegration with a 3CD and 2LP reissue in March, and the band’s new label at Rhino Records will have something for Cure fans: Disintegration, the band’s first album with the current line-up, will get a deluxe edition in late 2010. A press release offers hints about the band’s new album, which will appear on October 7 via Rhino.

Torn Down is a 21-track set that was released in November 1992, featuring the singles “Inbetween Days” and “Shake Dog Shake.” Part of its sales went to benefit the Rainn Music Project , which rehabilitates the instruments of recorded musicians who are unable to afford or cannot afford a new one. The new edition of Disintegration will also include the bonus disc, Lost Wishes: Demos and Unreleased Tracks. [ More here… ]

Shake Dog Shake appears on the band’s 2008 collection, The Cure, which features tracks from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. The set will also be reissued in 2010.

We’re still awaiting a final verdict from Tanya Nesbitt for the remaining records (from 13 UK!), but she is trying to settle the priority dispute among the band’s merchandisers. For those that want more details about the Disintegration disc upgrade, see the prior Cure site on this subject.

Every music lover will be thrilled with the 30th anniversary deluxe edition of this legendary album. The Disintegration remaster offers the best sonic quality ever for a studio record. It beautifully preserves the band’s classic sound. It’s the ultimate experience for Cure aficionados.
The Cure is the most influential band in the history of rock. No other band has had more influence on the current state of rock music and more musicians continue to be inspired by the band’s legacy. Yet many fans are unfamiliar with the band’s studio albums. The follow-up to their 1978 album, Three Imaginary Boys, Wish has been remastered and expanded. The original album was praised for its originality and blending of genres, and it continues to be a crucial work in the band’s catalogue. The band’s musical journey continues with the remaster of the studio album’s 30th anniversary deluxe edition. The expanded release offers the deepest audio presentation to date of the album. The remastered audio has been mastered to the highest standards by audio engineer Martin McCarrick and mixed by the band’s lead singer and founder of The Cure, Robert Smith. But the remastering was more than just boosting the audio quality. A number of the album’s songs were considered for remastering and “Memorabilia” side projects were used to recreate the album cover in high-quality vinyl.
With rock music still being sold, the core constituency for the Cure is no longer what it was in the 80s. Fans have moved on to newer artists and with the Cure on hiatus since 2005, the old guard has lost whatever grip it had on the music scene. Thus, the re-release of the band’s 30th anniversary disc, Disintegration, brought back a generation of fans alienated by the shock of a double album and often more interested in their back catalogue than anything the band had recorded since Three Imaginary Boys. Disintegration is almost certainly the best-selling album by the Cure outside of the self-titled debut, and that alone is enough to make it a fun listen. While the original release featured a heavily compressed mix, remastered versions have been released on vinyl (which was the best-selling original art format), cassette and CD. The difference in sound between these releases is negligible, so it is really more of an excuse to get your hands on some of those original copies than a reason to upgrade to the new Deluxe Edition. This re-release takes on new life from a pristine original, and getting that music with the real tape hiss is something worth having.

The Cure Disintegration Remastered Deluxe Edition 2010 FLAC Extra Quality

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