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Sentry MBA Configs Sentry MBA Config Pack

this tool can be used to deploy credential stuffing campaigns manually, or can be used to automate the process using a linux or windows agent. also the sentry mba can be used for bulk credential stuffing attacks. there is no time limit on the attacks, as you can run them until you are running out of configurations. also, there is a built in firewall to prevent the tool from being shut down while it is using a url.

there are five tools that form the basis of the sentry mba – one for brute forcing, one for credential management, one for dictionary attacks, one for spear phishing and one for wordlist attack. while other tools that focus on credential stuffing also have individual features for each area of exploitation and some have their own built in dictionaries, none of them have the combination of all those that you will find in the sentry mba. also, unlike other tools, it can support a wide range of credential scenarios, including accounts protected by strong and weak passwords, and accounts that use a combination of username and password, as well as accounts that are protected by multi-factor authentication (mfa).

unlike other tools that find credential values using a dictionary attack, the sentry mba’s method of attack is far more sophisticated. the creds utility is used to identify the most likely credential values based on the combination of the account and the website and will use a combination of a keyword search and a rare word search, as well as a reverse address lookup that can be used if the website uses such a service.

prior to sentry’s release in 2015, there were zero active craa’s, however, as of recent, an active craa’s have been in operation since 2015. the earliest crackme (cpu cracker) emerged in 1999 and the first iteration of the crackme was a simple brute-force attack using encryption on the name of the cracker in an attempt to connect to a remote server so that the client application could be cracked. simple, but effective if you were aware of the game mechanics. in 2009, the two “crackme 296-grinder” and “vapes.exe” appeared. while the main purpose of both the tools were to generate account credentials, they were both shellcode packed brute-force attacks. the cracking tool would attempt to guess letters or numbers to determine a valid account and upload a binary “shellcode” to crack accounts. the “shellcode” was given to account credentials with an execution flag set to true. this execution flag was given to the “shellcode” at runtime and the tool would decrypt the code during execution and run the decryption. as of today, millions of crackme-type algorithms exist and many are known to exist in the public domain. other tools include loader/execution scripts, which give the crowder the ability to create threads (multithreading) to increase the speed of the cracking, making shellcode packed and non-shellcode packed craa’s both vulnerable.

but while using this service is legal, the fact that you are offering it for a very low cost is very tempting. this service is a time tested and proven tool, it is highly economical and easy to use. so, how much are the sentry mba configs going for. now the amount is not clear cut, but the price is clearly low. sites like facebook arent going to pay $50, they certainly wont cough up $100 when they could build their own solution. the best websites offer to pay in exchange of details on their user’s such as age, gender, education and salary.
so, how much should you expect to pay for configs. well, in some cases the price is as low as $1.00 a day or $50.00 per month. but, as always, the less work you have to do the higher the price. and unlike some of the other cracked products that are out there, sentry mba configs arent illegal, they are just too cheap. whether you are a community member trying to make a little extra cash or a professional hacker that wants to save time, you need to consider all factors when buying configs. so, you need to be aware of the following things.
the tool is available online. there are multiple forums dedicated to the sale and trade of config files, combo lists, tutorials, and other tools. most of these forums are not registered or listed on any open directory, and there is no cross-posting from one to the other. so, it is difficult to know whether the forum, or their content, is legitimate or not. many forums are simply fenced off from regular users, but there are a few that are not.
the tool requires a configuration file to operate and test against a targeted website or mobile application. these configuration files are typically pasted as text files, and contain a set of target urls, user agents, and any other details used to target a web or mobile application. the attacker then needs to create a wordlist to process user input, scrape target websites, and search for credentials.

Sentry MBA Configs Sentry MBA Config Pack 💓

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