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[FULL] Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Premium V14.3.1 Torrentl

WhatsUp Gold provides the following chart types:

  • Bar Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Area Chart

Another feature of WhatsUp Gold that sets it apart from the competition is the ability to send the collected data to the cloud.

WhatsUp Gold also provides the Network and DHCP segmentation, allowing you to receive notifications when your IP address is allocated or deallocated. These notifications can be filtered by time range, so that you can see which IP address allocations are failing or succeeding.

WhatsUp Gold is an agentless monitoring solution for monitoring and alerting on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure resources. This solution takes advantage of Amazon Web Services’s simple APIs and Azure’s powerful management capabilities to take charge of your AWS and Azure cloud resources. WhatsUp Gold is the first and only agentless monitoring solution that monitors the performance of your entire AWS or Azure cloud.

WhatsUp Gold monitors your Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure environment and detects issues in real-time. WhatsUp Gold provides alerts for end-users and end-to-end service assurance. WhatsUp Gold can be set up in minutes and even less time to configure each resource for monitoring and for providing alerts to our end-users.

Optimize app performance, minimize service interruption, and maximize responsiveness. WhatsUp Gold lets you monitor your cloud environments. You can detect anomalies in real-time, predict issues, and immediately alert on resource performance.

Use the power of artificial intelligence to capture, analyze, and improve application performance over time. WhatsUp Gold helps you answer questions like: “Why am I being billed more for this resource than for others in the region?”, “How do I improve performance without spending hours on end building and breaking everything on purpose?” and “How do I optimize a resource for a specific use case?”


[[REPACK] Full] Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Premium V14.3.1 Torrentl

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