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Banking – Looking for a word to describe a trading type deal

I’m writing a program that allows users to trade stocks. However, I want to be able to differentiate between different types of trades, which is where the question comes in.
For example, a user can buy 100 shares of MSFT and sell 100 shares of IBM. This is a type of trade with “two legs” (buyer and seller) and therefore the market makers on the order book could see that this is one trade type.
However, a user can buy 100 shares of MSFT and then buy 100 shares of MSFT, which is one trade type. It seems like my program might need to distinguish between these and sell the shares it just bought back.
I think the word I’m looking for is:

v. To purchase (a security) and sell it again. (Cambridge)

Is there a word for the type of trade I described above? Thanks!


Stock split is the standard term.


This looks good. Can you e-mail me the flight numbers for the two times you
were out of town and I can look up the information. I don’t have a problem
with a 2x departure.



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Photo sumiko kiyooka petit tomato

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Photo Sumiko Kiyooka Petit Tomato

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