PATCHED Windows 10 Enterprise X64 Build 14393.351 En-US Oct 2016 {Gen2}


PATCHED Windows 10 Enterprise X64 Build 14393.351 En-US Oct 2016 {Gen2}

the windows 10 anniversary update for iot is now available for download. for information about previous servicing updates, read the windows 10 lifecycle page. for more information about the anniversary update, visit the windows blog.

a new feature pack has now been released for microsoft edge (v.1511) with the release of windows 10, version 1607. these are cumulative update releases of microsoft edge v. 1511 and are offered via windows update. not all customers will receive this update.

the windows 10 anniversary update is now available. windows 10 anniversary update will receive security updates until april 9, 2019. for more information, see the windows 10 lifecycle page. for more information about the anniversary update, see the windows blog.

this month’s windows 10 servicing release contains the final cumulative update for the windows 10 “redstone 3” release. no monthly builds are scheduled beyond january 2017. please visit the windows 10 release preview page for more information.

important windows 10 enterprise and windows 10 education editions are the last editions to receive servicing for security and quality updates through the enterprise mobility suite until april 9, 2019. once the servicing period ends, all future servicing releases will be cumulative updates only for these editions. the extended servicing period for the windows 10 enterprise mobile, windows 10 enterprise mobile iot, and windows 10 enterprise mobility for business customers is detailed in the lifecycle policy page.

microsoft has released the second monthly update for windows 10, version 1607. if you are using the express or update & rollup install options, a new windows installer package will be downloaded automatically and installed. if you are using the automatic windows installer (msiexec /i) command, the windows installer package will be downloaded and installed immediately.

this property contains a number that uniquely identifies the windows 10, version 1507 on a device. to find the buildnumber property, use the following steps: from the start menu, select settings. in the “system” settings page, select “about”. note the buildnumber value next to “version”.
importantthis article is intended for it professionals and technicalprofessionals who require information about the buildnumber properties and requirean understanding of windows update terminology.the information in this article assumes you are using a windows device that has been upgraded to windows 10, version 1511 or a later version. for upgrade instructions, see the installation topic in the articleabout how to upgrade.
if you are running a device that is not being regularly updated, you should not apply any updates unless you are prompted to do so. as an it professional, it is important to understand the types of updates and monthly quality update types being applied to devices, such as windows 10, version 2004. you can check the versionnumber, buildnumber, and updatetype properties to determine what types of updates have been applied to a device.
the versionnumber property may contain a value different from the current version or buildnumber property. for example, if you download windows 10, version 2004, the versionnumber property will have a value that is different from the versionnumber and buildnumber properties in windows 10, version 1507.
the update is available as part of windows 10’s long term servicing branch (ltsb) that provides enhanced lifecycle support for devices running windows 10. additionally, windows 10 ltsb ensures devices are available with the latest security fixes and reliability updates.

PATCHED Windows 10 Enterprise X64 Build 14393.351 En-US Oct 2016 {Gen2}

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