^NEW^ Full ICare Data Recovery Professional V5.0 With Key [iahq76]

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FULL ICare Data Recovery Professional V5.0 With Key [iahq76]

– Restore partition table – Restore recover partition table when encountering the below common error: MBR/GPT table error, invalid partition table, invalid boot sector, lost partition table during drive scan, unsupported OS, lost partition table during drive repair, lost partition table in the middle of partition, improper partition table or unknown partition, unable to mount or open, can not locate or cannot open boot item, system partition not found, can not locate or cannot open boot record, partition not found, can not locate or cannot open disk owner table, bad sector, can not mount or open boot partition, kernel partition not found

– Recover deleted partition, lost partition, modified partition, partition swap, resized partition, the partition becomes inaccessible, cannot open the partition with one of the below common error: zerro erro, kernel partition not found, disk can’t open, unsupported file system, unknown error, bad logical sector, bad disk sector, bad cluster/sector, one of the below common error: can’t mount / open, can’t locate or cannot open MBR, C partition not found, disk cannot open, cannot locate file or cannot open file while the disk is connected, the disk is not formatted, the partition or the file system is corrupted, bad block, bad disk service, unknown error, unallocated space occurs, disk space is used, the disk is write protected, disk write protection error, disk locked, disk busy

– Recover corrupted file while system crash (NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, etc) – Recover corrupted file when a program crashes (MS Word) – Recover corrupted file from IMEI, MCID, IMEI Card, HSMC ID, IMSI, IMEI Function, MSISDN, MSISDN Number, MSISDN Active, IMSI-CGI, IMSI-CGI MCC ID- Recover corrupted file due to hardware failure (server hard drive crashed or Net and router crashed…




^NEW^ Full ICare Data Recovery Professional V5.0 With Key [iahq76]

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