Marionette Of The Labyrinth


Marionette Of The Labyrinth

i hope you like this episode. i am hoping to release this as the first episode of the next season of the yellow show. i am also hoping to create some articles along with it about the entire process of the creation and marketing of the marionette.

ok, this is a bit of a special one, as its the only chance in pvp for all this stuff to appear. at the moment its running, and its a kind of “arena of the marionette” where you get a random chance to fight each of the bosses of the labyrinth.

this is basically a weekly fight and drop system. as the marionette is a level 3-5 character, they are in the same league as the bosses, but they also have a number of health items and mechanics to keep them in check.

but on the bright side, i have gotten many marionette runs. my first time, i brought a friend along, and we did a run on reset, and a second one on reset. my second time, i didn’t have a friend, and i did a run on reset. i was in the first 10 or so marionettes to join, and i got the run of the day. i did a third one, and that was the last time i had a public run.

marionette of the labyrinth is a bosses located on a world boss device named the marionette of the labyrinth. it is a large maze that has many rooms to go through. it has a few potions that can help the boss, and once your on the bridge it has the final boss. once you are on the final bridge the boss will leave you to do one of two things. you can either win or fail. if you fail it will kill you but if you win you will be on the second stage of the boss. the second stage is the final boss. i will be going into more detail about this boss so check out the video below to see how to beat this boss.

the best way to do this is to do it as an instance. i love marionettes as much as anyone, but the only reason i play the marionette is because i want to be able to play it in a more specific, planned and organized environment. i don’t want to do it in an instance, where i can stumble in at any time, and if the event isn’t going on i can’t play.
i’m the one that keeps having to put out marionette runs, so it is probably me. i have been getting better over the last couple of runs, but just i’m getting what i can from a regular run and the extra effort is a bit much.
i was up early waiting for the run, but got a friend to show up to help out with the run. i gave him the first run to help run the lane 2 marionette; however, it was the first time he’d ever played marionette, and he was about to leave to run lane 1. this is where the only other i can think of that i know of has a slightly different issue; it is the puppetmaster. the difficulty level of the marionette is pretty low, so it is perfect for someone new to the game to be able to try it out and see what they like.
i think the new instance needs to be added to the schedule after halloween as an event for normal players, and maybe a separate event for people who have been logged in, or have been on a regular public run. i think that this is a good way to give players who want to see the experience more of a chance to see and play it. there is no way i’m going to allow a marionette run in the window between halloween and christmas, and that is not fair to players who have already had their fun. i don’t know how they expect me to plan for a run that isn’t going to happen.

Marionette Of The Labyrinth

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