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the restaurant in collonges-la-rouge is la table du grand moulin. la table du grand moulin is a small bistro that is only open during the week. it is a good place to relax after a day of touring the countryside.

the site opens up with a modest gallery that, despite its modest means, manages to present a wide variety of emotional landscapes (from little-known artists like séverine to major names such as haneke and buñuel). the name of the museum is, however, its principal contribution to the project, which is not only one of the best museum web sites we have encountered but also clearly places its visitors within the context of the history and present of this site. the interactive map is a nice touch but unfortunately does not work very well on the pc version and would benefit from a bit of cleaning up. to the right of the map is a section on the patrimoine de la region with statistics on the number of works of art in the collections; this section would be a good place to feature a variety of cultural information on the region. the site also features lots of information on the museums of the doubs and jura and the history of the region in the form of a selection of articles and a chronology. most of the information is in french, with an english version available for most of the articles, and we can only recommend the effort of the curators who have put so much work into this, and who have made the site so pleasant and informative.

after the failure of the citroen-nordette in 1947, the french government realized that the publics only interest in film was limited to films made in french, and they passed a decree in june 1948 which provided funding to make films in french, the first of which, les diaboliques, was released in september 1948. this led to a boom in the new industry and france became the leading producer of films in europe (almost two-thirds of all feature films produced in europe in 1952 were made in france).
this explosion of activity and the subsequent creation of the cinematographie francaise (cinema of france) organisation in 1950 were a significant turning point in the film industrys development. in 1952, cinematographie francaise was transformed into cinema d’or, a more powerful organisation with a wider remit to organise the industry and to promote french cinema. this organisation was keen to promote the countrys cultural profile abroad, and its major achievements in this area included the production of les yeux sans visage (the ears without face, 1953), and the successful promotion of a franco-german co-production that would be filmed in both countries, l’inhumaine (the inhuman, 1957). alongside the on-screen work, the organisation supported film productions through grants and by offering strategic advice to industry bodies like the cnc, the cap and the cpe (film promotion enterprises).
the public bicycle rental shop is right in front of the lanterne. you can rent a bicycle for 2.5 euros per hour and can see the village from a new perspective. the collonges-la-rouge tourist office is the first place you should visit.

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