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Roblox lets users create 3D games or “robloxes” using a programmable Lua-based language called Ruby. Users program game objects to work together, pause the game, and create new game objects. The Lua programming language is free and the Roblox system is free to use. Once a game is finished, it can be shared with the community. Roblox users can also buy, sell, and trade virtual items. The Robux virtual currency is a virtual currency Roblox users can spend to buy in-game items.
The Roblox website is organized in different “spaces.” The Spare Parts space contains the game-creation tools. Game groups are teams of users who have similar interests. Game genres are the types of games created on the Roblox platform. Space, on the other hand, is an organizational hierarchy, and people can belong to different hierarchies. Users who have created and shared games on Roblox may be invited by others to “follow” them. The follow feature is meant to show a connection between two people or two groups.
The platform has two key interfaces: one for programming games and another for playing games created by other users. Creating games requires users to set up game objects and actions that will play as the story of the game. These game objects and actions are called blocks, and they can be programmed using a visual programming editor called Blocks. The user also chooses a game type and a theme to help distinguish the game from others. The Blocks interface allows users to create actions, game objects, and blocks. The Blocks interface is similar to an illustration programming tool, but it is more optimized for games and does not have as many options available to artists.
Two game types are available on Roblox: Stories and Adventures. The stories game type allows users to create games with narrative and roleplay elements, whereas adventures are a game type similar to a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book. Stories games are available as free games, and Adventures games are free or can be played for a fee, depending on their virtual credits. A premium subscription service, called Robux, is also available for virtual currency that users can spend to purchase game content. Robux is a small fraction of the virtual currency in use on the Roblox platform.
The platform provides quick results to users by using artificial intelligence to match the game type with the theme. In some games, users can also choose the game type from a


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Project Eternity Developer Interview!

Project Eternity
The name Eternity has been used by many projects over the years and has been, much to the dismay of Project Eternity’s creators, very closely associated with the Baldur’s Gate series. It is not intended to be a reference to any specific RPG series, but rather a testament to the Eternity Engine and how it enables the developers to create a truly unique and mesmerizing RPG experience.
Guaranteed Story:
Terrain and character height in the world
Character personality differences
Different combat situations
Positive and negative companions
Combat-only companions
Inventory management and real cash acquisition
Venture into the World:
Up to four characters
Villages and strongholds to visit
Prospecting and farming
Fighting wildlife
Exploring and adventuring
Completing quests
Level scaling
Guardian and monster scaling
Content building
Positioning in the world
Variety of items to encounter
Housing and furniture
Unique combat
Companion options
Possessions – magic weapons, armor and clothing
Appearance options
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published: 05 Jun 2014

Project Eternity Development Preview | PAX Prime 2013

As it goes nowhere, this game quickly gets off to a very slow start and is not nearly as interesting as it could be.
How Project Eternity looks: 00:01
How we know it’s a Baldur’s Gate style game: 00:16
How they’re changing features and technology for Eternity: 00:40
Project Eternity gameplay trailer: 00:58


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Roblox cheats


CTRL + ALT + TAB, then space or enter to make available some other cheats

/fastforward to get to a specific level faster

/rewind to go to the previous level


/fastforward all





/fly with lops

/move on




How to fly?

In general, flying is done with arrows. You may also do it by pressing RMB, Z or ZRMB. Hold LMB to walk.

How to jump?

In general, jump is done with arrows. If you press RMB, Z, ZRMB or Q, jump may be made by pressing LMB. If you press LMB again, you’ll jump again.

How to make zombies?

You may create a zombie in the world or you may do it in your own game (Steam, RPGmaker…) By pressing G, pressing O and then pressing N to make it. For a good and easy zombie you should use /morph.

How to open loot items?

Use the /tab command. For example, /tab doll. You’ll see the loot of your doll.

How to open Skill items?

Use the /skill command. For example, /skill dart. You’ll see the Skill you want to open.

What are dungeons?

They are just levels where you have to navigate quickly from the beginning to the end, with obstacles like monsters and traps. All dungeons have many side areas. In that case, after you get to a new part of the dungeon, press ESC to come back to the main area. These dungeons are called “mini dungeons.”

How to get every pet and chicken in the world?

The pets and chickens are around the worlds. In general, they are a bit away from you. To get a pet or chicken, you need to have your current pet or chicken directly nearby. Pets and chickens are also in the houses, meaning you may kill a pet or chicken and keep it. You may also buy them, like from gift shop.

What to do after robux?

You can redeem a lot of robux from games and from the game’s currency store. You may buy some


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Comment on your games


How do I fetch the various big functions

I am new to Python. I am trying to understand the docs for various big functions. Here is a list of various functions I have used, and its level of explanation or knowledge I can get.


Someone suggested me a book: Dive Into Python.

I tried to read the book once, and as soon as I could a question came to my head.
Suppose I want to get the contents for a specific function. How can I fetch the function for the function? Can someone explain for me?
I am not looking for a link. If you have an idea of the book which explains, great.


All the functions you’ve listed return a Python object. If you want to execute code, it may be easiest just to list out the objects and execute them:
my_list = [my_str_list, my_dict_list, my_reversed_list]
for list_object in my_list:

I’d also recommend doing some research on the Python HOW TO articles: How to generate a list dynamically by index, and How to iterate through a list.

ORANGE, Conn. –
The University of Connecticut Athletics
Office of Communications and Public Relations
announced Wednesday that the Huskies are currently at the NCAA
Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) level, which moved UConn to


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