One of the best forms of entertainment is playing PC games. You can enjoy the games by downloading them. But sometimes, you might be tired of downloading the games from different websites and then installing them.

in.heaven is a website dedicated to pretty much downloading and converting videos from different media formats. You can find videos from any format in over 14 different languages which is really convenient. You can also join the community forums if you want to get help from other users. The site is mobile friendly and you can play videos on all devices. is mainly a website dedicated to the download of cracked software that you can use on Windows, MAC, or Android devices. You can find anything from software and apps to themes and features, and we even have a tab for legacy Android devices. The best thing about this website is that you can join the community for help and an easy-to-use forum to get all your questions answered by fellow users.

Downloading stuff is illegal. We’ve been building a huge cracking platform for a long time. And we are doing really good. With a new kickstarter, we want to take the platform to the next level and offer over 10,000 projects, such as cracked apps and games, scripts for your hardware. In short, don’t download, crack.

a very cool and pretty good site, imho. It offers ‘free’ crack tools for all platforms like win, mac, android, iphone, symbian and more, also servers for installation and sharing. The usage of the site is very easy and free. Best of all, the site doesn’t have any annoying popups or bullshit like that. A great way to share apps and games, the store and forum is also very easy to use. I would give this site a 10/10.


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