Crackscene torrent site has one of the best click-through rates on google, and it also ranks fairly well for private trackers (although it has the lowest ratio of public seeds). A click through rate is important for torrent sites as this indicates the proportion of users who go on to complete download the torrent on a particular trackers site. Searching the internet for modded apps is quite common, especially when word of mouth marketing efforts fail. A full list of some of the best sites for download are below.

In 2017, two teams of researchers announced that they had cracked all Netflix movies. To accomplish this, they worked on a tool called Ivan, which is able to automatically identify the pixels of a Netflix movie and map them to a GIF. Source:

If you search cracked APKs on google then you should visit The Pirate Bay, it is one of the most active torrent sites out there. You can download unadulterated Android Apps, cracked games and all kinds of videos.

After some tests, Trusted Software is a great site to download games. It provides a platform to go through the lists of games and choose the game you want to download. It is also safe from virus and malware. It also provides a great PPSSPP support and also is one of the best Android game in comparison to other sites.
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As mentioned, Pirate Bay is ranked number one in the top of the search results in most searches. It is also one of the most secure torrent sites on the internet. This is based on the popularity of the site and the strength of the servers. And many people consider Pirates Bay as the best downloader.


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