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Download X Wave Mp3 Cutter Joiner 3.0 Full Crack AntivirusU.S. stocks pull back from record highs; trade worries, oil slump weigh

U.S. shares fell, extending the sell-off from their record highs, on Wednesday, as oil prices sank, as worries about a possible trade war with China tightened and U.S. government debt was seen as an increasingly risky investment.

After the S&P 500, down 0.6 percent at 2,803.25, fell to a fresh all-time high on Tuesday, the index on Wednesday lost as much as 1.7 percent at 2,849.25 and was down 1.0 percent at 2,811.19 by 1215 GMT.

The energy and utilities sector led the declines, while major banks were also lower, along with natural resources.

“Investors will be looking for the Fed to cut rates and they will be fearful that the dollar will be the beneficiary of lower rates,” said Leon Bosker, chief market strategist at Euronext NV in Brussels.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 9.45 points, or 0.05 percent, to 25,918.57, the S&P 500 lost 1.43 points, or 0.06 percent, to 2,845.11 and the Nasdaq Composite dropped 18.57 points, or 0.22 percent, to 7,987.38.

The global benchmark oil price fell about 2.0 percent to $48.97 a barrel, the lowest close since Dec. 11, after reaching a more than one-year high of $49.35 on Wednesday.

The U.S. dollar slipped 0.7 percent against a basket of major currencies.


The S&P 500 consumer sector, which included home builders and home appliance makers, was the best performer of the day, up 1.0 percent.

Investors were optimistic with the possibility of a trade truce between the United States and China after U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted on Tuesday that China had agreed to buy American farm products and potentially was willing to hike their purchases of U.S. goods.

Trump’s tweet “is encouraging but there’s been no agreement on substance to this point,” said Marc Chaikin, portfolio manager at Chaikin Asset Management in New York. “


Download X Wave Mp3 Cutter Joiner 3.0 Full Crack AntivirusIn 2010, an anonymous group of developers came together to kick-start a movement to code-ify the nightlife scene. At first it started with mild snarky diatribes — “rebel bar” — but a series of events turned that whimsy into a community. The goal was to create a nightlife app that catered to its users’ needs with features like map guides, reviews, and tips. Pending legal hurdles, the app was supposed to launch soon after.

But that never happened. Worse yet, there were rumors that after that initial launch, things had devolved, that the whole project was essentially a fraud. Questions surrounded the app’s team and the group that funded it. Was it all some sort of elaborate publicity stunt?

Of course, it was.

This summer, an app called Fragment was released. The official description reads, “Haters take a hike. Fans never leave.”

Interestingly enough, the app looks nearly identical to the original app Pending. The only differences? Most of the apps iconography has been changed to black, and Fragment has been given the Googlesque green download button.

The app’s description states that the developers at Fragment wanted a way to create “an app that truly represents the nightlife community.”

What are you supposed to make of a project that was kickstarted with the help of the Nightlife App Hackathon? In other words, was it a hoax? A taste of the future? A launch to keep an aging trend alive? Or a publicity stunt of the absurd?

We reached out to ask for some answers. The response was a combination of chuckle-worthy sarcasm, awkward camaraderie, and more than a little condescension.

The official Fragment app description reads in part, “Too many apps exist in the app store. By using this app, you’ll realize that fragmentation was done on purpose. Every app is a story. Fragment is a story.”

The developer said that they chose the name Fragment as it means, “a fragment of an original or primary whole.”

Again, this is all just a joke.

The developer says that he has no clue who the original developer of Pending is, or what their


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