HealthVault Java Library will provide developers with a library to be used as the primary tool in writing Java applications utilizing the available HealthVault servers.
With HealthVault Java Library, you do not have to implement all the HealthVault .NET API libraries’ functionality. However, HealthVault Java Library delivers a framework capable of implementing that particular support.


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HealthVault Java Library is the official Java Reference Implementation and Open Source package of the HealthVault.NET SDK. The library provides an implementation of the HealthVault.NET API that builds on the existing HealthVault Java Framework. It can be used on its own or as part of your HealthVault Java Framework development, with the exception that it does not currently include support for the SDK’s Java APIs. The package includes an API documentation, full test suite and documentation of the code. This package will be released to the public under the terms of the Apache Software License 2.0. The package will be released under the MIT license.

HealthVault.NET SDK provides services for integrating eHealth and eRetail solutions with HealthVault. There are 3 APIs available in.NET SDK, each of them dealing with particular task such as creating new endpoint, provisioning users, versioning ecommerce items, etc. You may find them as follows:
• HealthVault API (
• HealthVault REST API (
• HealthVault REST API Direct (


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This library provides HealthVault.NET API clients with the Java Framework to access the HealthVault API. The framework is delivered as a collection of classes including client, service, service abstraction and service abstractions. The classes are built as a collection of interfaces, with the use of metadata files that define the layer that is mapped from the API (HealthVault.NET API) to the frame­work.
The HealthVault Java Library Crack Mac contains a Client class which provides the API access from an application. It is built using a Factory which allows you to create a HealthVault Java Library client. The Factory is the object that calls HealthVault.NET Service abstraction layer and eventually maps the client side API access to the appropriate Service abstractions.
We would recommend that all of our Java Developers start by writing custom reusable code in Java. The HealthVault Java Library code will be a simple to read and maintain solution which is designed for developing typical.NET applications.

A Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
JDK 7+ or Sun’s Java SE 5.0+
Java 1.6

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HealthVault for.NET
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External links
HealthVault Java Client API
HealthVault Java API Home Page

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name: ‘Info’,
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HealthVault Java Library is very similar to the.NET API libraries. The functionality available to you is equivalent to that of the.NET libraries. The main difference is that a JAR file is used in the Java implementation.
The main differences that are found in the Java implementation are:

Requires the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) v1.5 or higher
Requires the Java Development Kit (JDK) version 1.3 or higher

HealthVault Java Library components:

HealthVault Application Framework (HVAF)
HealthVault Service Builder (HVSB)
HealthVault Data Source (HVDS)
HealthVault Database Connection (HVDB)
HealthVault Database Client (HVDC)
HealthVault Web Service (HVW)
HealthVault Storage Configuration (HVSC)
HealthVault Service Layer (HVSL)

HealthVault Java Library example:
The following code samples show the implementation of the methods available using the HealthVault Java Library. The example code demonstrates a request, post, query, and callback method. The code implements the.NET API to be used with.NET and the Java implementation for the same API.

// Get post method
GetPostResult response = client.getPost(client.getBaseUrl(),
currentTime), “user”);
String s = response.getContent();

// Create post method
PostArgs postArgs = new PostArgs(null);
PostResult postResult =, postArgs, “user”);
String s2 = postResult.getContent();

// Get query method
GetQueryResult queryResult = client.getQuery(client.getBaseUrl(), “user

What’s New In HealthVault Java Library?

HealthVault Java Library is an implementation of the .NET Security/HealthVault API on the Java platform.
The HealthVault Java Library is a native implementation that leverages the security and HealthVault APIs on the Java platform. This allows software developers to leverage these components with the simplicity and ease of use that Java provides.Kinetics of ionic and organic substances in the erythrocyte of the F344 rat.
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describe(‘Worker – Update’, () => {

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