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It’s super easy. Just follow these steps:
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Propolis is a resin, collected by honeybees from various plant materials. It consists of different compounds including phenolic compounds. These compounds are well-known antioxidants and have antibacterial properties. Based on chemical composition, some of the Iranian propolis samples were found to have biological activities. The ethanolic extract of Iranian propolis was examined for its cytotoxicity against three cancer cell lines (HepG2, T47D and A549). The data showed that the extract had significant dose- and time-dependent cytotoxic effects. According to the results, propolis demonstrated higher cytotoxic effect towards the HepG2 cell line than the T47D and A549 cell lines. The cytotoxic effect of propolis towards HepG2 cells was related to the inhibition of cell proliferation, cell cycle arrest, induction of apoptosis, cell differentiation and decrease in levels of P53 protein.Then British voters said they would leave the EU. Now EU leaders want it to stay.

In the aftermath of the Brexit vote, European leaders were keen to stress that the bloc and the UK were facing a new reality: Britain could not have the cake and eat it. They were right.

But now their response to Brexit has been to try to isolate Britain even more by creating an emergency European Summit to agree tougher demands for British access to the single market.

“The British will realize there is a price to be paid for Brexit, and it might be worse than they thought,” said an EU diplomat.

“They will realize they won’t have access to the single market if they want to pay a price. If they don’t accept that they will pay a much higher price by trying to negotiate [new] access to the single market.”

The original Brexit negotiating mandate drawn up by British Prime Minister David Cameron didn’t cover leaving the single market. In his list of what Britain would want from a new trading agreement with

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The Prince (1999)

Although apparently aired in 1999, no information can be found regarding the show’s television air date. It aired as a part of the H.M.S. Pinafore festival held in New York during 1999.

Despite the show’s lack of a public air date, several web sites cite plot lines.

It is a high-level board of war which cannot be trusted. It is now the turn of the Americans to be on the defensive.

It was defended by Colonels Thompson and Appleton, and Lieutenant Colonel Hardy. Their retreat was assisted by Major Smith, a minor character


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