FIFA 22 features more than 200 unique and enhanced animations, including that of New Tackling, improved slide tackles, slalom dribbles, volley throws, powerful player sprints, the announcement of free kicks and the dynamic movement of the ball while under pressure.

Challenges and Training Mode

Football as a sport is complex, full of nuances and ever-changing rules. For players to truly hone their skills and be prepared to go the distance in any match, they need to be able to work on skills in training matches in multiple scenarios to understand all their strengths and weaknesses. As a result, FIFA 22 introduces a series of new Training modes in a more diverse range of opposition:

• From international club matches and English top-flight challenges, to the FIFA Interactive World Cup and World Class Club Seasons.

• With Training Modes set in real world and simulated environments, players can be challenged in the same situations that they will encounter in game.

• Players can find inspiration from watching top players in the Mix Up Challenge. There is even a new mentor system, with FIFA’s leading stars acting as in-game coaches.

• By reviewing the match and player cards of the top 10 goalscorers from previous world cups, players can test their skills against some of the great players from the past.

Training Mode in FIFA 22 offers an added level of realism to match the game’s gameplay. Players can now manage their Training progress. Players can now take part in Real-World Competitions, from the English Premier League (EPL), to the biggest club competitions in Europe.

With an in-depth series of editing tools, players can now tailor their teams and Players. Players can now tailor their teams and Players better than ever before by customising their kits, instructions, badges, equipment and formation.

Developing a FIFA Points Contract

A new contract system has been introduced for the first time in the history of the game. Players can create a FIFA Points Contract with a particular team, keeping them in the game for as long as they wish.

The FIFA Points Contract will not only allow players to stay connected with their teams in the game, but it can be activated at any time to make them available for different competitions.

Next-Gen Coaching

Numerous aspects of live gameplay have been enhanced in FIFA 22. For the first time in the history of the franchise, FIFA has included next-gen audio and visual options for


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Real-world technique ⏲ The FIFA development team has applied the data collected from their real-world, in-depth, high-intensity training sessions to FUT 22. Players will perform a wider range of positions, making it easier to isolate which minor details they need to improve on
  • Overthrow (tactical positioning) ⏲ The development team has increased the size and weight of the ball to allow players to better utilise every touch on the pitch. Players can properly control the ball in the air and more reliably score from distance. For more information on this feature, keep an eye on the “Player Impact” section of this press release.
  • Ball Physics ⏲ FIFA 19 introduced Artificial Intelligence, a revolutionary approach to football AI. This year the team also upgraded the ball physics. The ball dribbles as it should, spins like it should, and swerves with a touch of unnatural artificial intelligence. Its collision reacts correctly to this intelligent AI and matches the purpose of the player to strike the ball.
  • Take Control Again ⏲ The team has also improved the “Control Visibility” feature, allowing you to improve your game in an environment that more closely resembles real life.
  • New Features ⏲ The new features in FIFA 22 include Distance Control, Squad Tactics Fouls, Staccato, Free Kicks/Penalty Kicks, and Set Pieces.
  • new camera settings⏲ Matchday, Follow Focus, Player Interactions, and Post-Match Add-ons offer more personalised camera angles. You can also choose the camera views, such as the First Man, Crew Shield, and Pre Injured.
  • Ball Fly & Force ⏲ Powerful shots such as headers, crosses, and one-time efforts are all impacted by the Power Of The Shot. New tricks such as a rebound, a roller, a second striker, and the Knockdown Shot are all possible when the Power Of The Shot is released.
  • Revamped Pause ⏲ Enjoy gameplay seamlessly with the new Pause feature. Pause the game when your opponent’s team is in possession of the ball.
  • Revamped Engine ⏲ The enhanced FUT Server has higher server quality, and can display players and stadiums more clearly. Players, pieces of clothing,


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    FIFA is the world’s leading video game series that, since its founding, has set the global standard for sports video games. Our award-winning FIFA community and leading sports license provide the inspiration for this new chapter in the long-running saga. This year we seek to draw even closer to fans, teams, clubs, players and legends by continuing to evolve and expand the game’s rich legacy to more deeply explore the world of football.

    What Can I Download?

    The first game in the world-class FIFA franchise, FIFA Soccer was created in 1993 for the Atari Jaguar and the Sega Genesis and was the first on-line game. Since then EA Sports has consistently set the standard in video game sports, amassing over 75 awards and millions of copies sold.

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    Fifa 22 Free Download is a registration product and requires registration with FIFA. If you do not have a FIFA account, you may create a new account for free. Log into your FIFA account to access the in-game FIFA Club. If you do not have an existing FIFA account, you may sign up for a new one for free.

    FIFA 22 is a non-transferable license. Owners of the software cannot


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    Build and manage your very own Ultimate Team as you play one-on-one with real players from your favorite clubs in the most realistic and fun FIFA experience. Put your managerial skills to the test as you compete in weekly or monthly challenges that reward you with valuable packs of players. Try to win all the titles or challenge the computer to prove your skill!

    MyClub –
    Build and manage your club from the ground up in MyClub. Choose your formation, kit, stadium, colors and manager, then build a squad of your very own to take part in a variety of entertaining and competitive matches.

    Social features
    Rejoice in your fans with Kiai! The next-generation mobile Kiai platform powered by EA SPORTS welcomes FIFA fans to celebrate real-time goal celebrations, while allowing them to share moments with their friends, and compete online against those fans around the world. Kiai is fully integrated with the game. So as you celebrate each goal, players are ready to post the action on their Instagram and Facebook pages, or to watch replays of their favorite goal celebrations with friends on Twitter.


    The EA SPORTS Experience – FIFA 22 has been built with players in mind, utilizing a comprehensive new gameplay engine to provide enhanced ball physics and visuals, the ability to drive forward like never before, and accurate line speed and defender behaviour. Managers now have control over which player performs the famous “pitch roll” when a ball is crossed into the penalty area, enabling the best playmaker to perform their particular skill. And for the first time, every player on the pitch has an in-game personality, with each being animated and reacting to decisions you make as a manager or player. All this is based around a new “All-New One Touch” gameplay, that makes it easier than ever to strike and retain possession in the game.


    The FIFA team returns to creating the most realistic, human-like animations in video games. Each player’s off-ball movement has been completely redone to enhance the way they interact with the ball. The new “dynamic footwork” system automatically updates player positions on the ball based on what they are doing during a run, allowing for better, faster and more realistic reactions.


    Match action has been enhanced with new features to provide greater variety to the game’s best-selling


    What’s new:

    • Movement – The HyperMotion Engine is now powered by real-life footballers that make 360-degree precise movements, immersing you more in the movements of the players than ever before. Every player has been reworked in-game.
    • FIFA World Cup – Get ready to head to France in an epic FIFA World Cup tournament that takes place in two zones – the iconic host country and FIFA’s new global event, the 2018 FIFA World Cup™.
    • Minigames – Play eight additional mini games across three game modes in FIFA 22!
    • All-new Player Personalization – Customize your EA SPORTS Player Card avatar with a new Player Identity that includes a Player Card, an Escalator Story that takes you through landmark events in your club career and an Online Carousel that showcases your career awards.
    • Forza Football – Play mode with eight-vs-eight competitive matches. Play matches either against the CPU or other human players.


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    FIFA is a game that lets you play, compete, and coach in football (soccer) worldwide.

    How can I play FIFA?

    You can start a new career, play as one of more than 200 real-world national teams, or play against friends in head-to-head, online, or AI matches.

    How do I play as a national team?

    Choose the men’s, women’s, or mixed team for 28 of the world’s most popular national teams.

    How can I play with friends?

    With EA SPORTS FIFA 22 you can connect online or invite friends to form teams, hold practices, and play matches in the world’s most popular game modes.

    How do I play in head-to-head, online, or AI matches?

    Choose a fantasy team with up to 24 players, then compete with the whole world in 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 matches.

    How do I manage a club?

    Become the Head Coach of one of the world’s many real-world clubs and win the Champions League, use scouts to spot and develop the next best talent, and train your players from top to bottom.

    How can I coach my club?

    Create a 3-4-3 formation with your players to build chemistry, play a 4-2-3-1 with some exotic tactics, or choose from over 50 tactics to win your matches.

    What are the new features of FIFA 22?

    More realistic physics, a revamped training system, and enhanced game intelligence will all help bring your favorite players to life.

    What are the new features of FIFA AI?

    Let your players compete individually or in groups.

    What are the new features of the Ultimate Team?

    Win big, make trades, and build your dream team from over 50 real-world players.

    What are the new features of the My Player?

    Personalize your FIFA career with your very own player profile.

    What are the new features of the Manager?

    Train, scout, and use the latest tactics to build your perfect team.

    What are the new features of Ultimate Team?

    Win big, make trades, and build your dream team from over 50 real-world players.

    What are the new features of Head-to-Head, Online, and AI matches


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    System Requirements:

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    Compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems.
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