Fifa 14 Save Game Editor

if you’ve tried to make a save game for fifa 14 and got really stuck, then theres no better place to turn than the fifa 14 save game editor. there are only a few more ui tweaks to be made, but its a great place to get your head around the menus and how they work, before moving on to some more advanced features.

fifa 14 save game editor
theres no content that goes into save files, so for the most part, players and teams are just a bunch of stats. however, there are a few neat things you can do with a save game:
-you can edit the game options, which are stored on the disc. theyre on a separate disc from the main game, so you wont affect the original game if you fiddle with it. for example, you can change the pitch size in career mode, which can be handy if youve played with the game for a while and realised its changed. (and it does. it was a fudge that kept the pitch size the same in previous versions, but if you get bored of playing with the game, you can bump the pitch up in size without any problems)
-theres a way to adjust the age rating of your player, which can be useful for tweaking some of the old-schoolers. you can make wayne rooney as young as you like.

the save game editor allows you to save your progress to a folder of your choice (your ea account will be tied to this), which is good for those who like to play things through, over and over, or work out new tactics. even better, there is no time limit. you can save as many times as you like and add a save to one of the folders in the my fifa tab. each save will auto-update any future tweaks, and will not delete old saves.

fifa 20 mods are exclusive to pc, and open up myriad options for refreshing your game. while using them online will get you banned from fifa 20, there’s plenty of scope for deploying these tweaks offline to modify career mode and the preset player database. obviously, back up your saves as often as possible if you’re going to start tinkering. below is all you need to know about utilising fifa 20 mods on pc.
known as the career mode cheat table for previous fifa versions, this is a tool from modder aranaktu that lets you edit players, managers, budgets, career mode scouting, and lots more. it’s comprehensive: you can edit player data, change player training to give them unlimited sessions, hire free scouts, disable morale, reveal the potentials of every scouted player, give yourself unlimited subs, and much much more.
when playing online, youll be a bit of a victim of fifa’s bizarre knack for ignoring real-life and preferring instead to behave like a soulless calculator, resulting in online matches that feel like the most boring experience imaginable.
when playing offline, youll be treated to an experience that has everything you love and hate about fifa, and little in between. online play is a real treat, but unfortunately it doesnt work all that well.
football manager 2014, for instance, is already a great game, but the global scouting network adds so much more depth and means youll have to spend more time in the menus than actually playing football.
the most exciting addition, however, is the official fifa league mode. this is where the new player-orientated approach can really shine. for a start, theres a full season mode, which gives you a history of all the clubs youre playing through from the first match in july to the final in may, as well as the ability to choose a particular team in europe, asia or south america.

Fifa 14 Save Game Editor [WORK]

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