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The sand at the site was compacted to over one meter in depth with a maximum density of 34.6MPa. The sand was crushed to a quarter of the original size with a maximum density of 100MPa. The crushed sand was packed into a layer (on a 10 cm deep artificial gravel bed) with maximum density of 100MPa. Finally, the natural soil was added to the top of the crushed sand layer, which was compacted again. The artificial gravel layer was selected as the sub-surface soil, and it was made of pellets (5/8 in in diameter). The result of the pack density test was that the compression strength of the packed gravel was more than 100MPa. This is the equivalent of the maximum compression strength of the blasted rock mass without the effect of soil permeability, which indirectly indicates the minimum extent of the compressed rock mass, namely, the maximum extent of the crack that can be formed by the blast induced shock wave.

It is important to note that the work of Hultgren [ 15 ] who studied the fracture formation of the crushed rock mass for different blasthole diameters was based on the laboratory test results. The minimum blasthole diameter (d d m ) is the limiting factor of rock mass damage, and without it, cracking cannot be observed. The minimum blasthole diameter is defined by the diameter of the blasting charge, and in practice, the limit is 0.8 meter. If the limit is not present, the rock mass is not damaged. In this section, the effects of blasthole diameter d m on the shock induced cracks and the rock mass damage were investigated for different initial DoS. The DoS range was from 40 to 50%, while the blasthole diameter range was from 0.5 to 1 meter. The blasthole diameter d m was defined by the diameter of the blasting charge, and the selection of the blasting charge diameter was based on the conducted preliminary experiment on rock mass damage. The smallest blasting charge that could not penetrate the compacted soil was selected. For the 1 m, 1.5 m, and 3 m continuous footings, a slurry charge was used. Since the minimal diameter of the slurry charge was 0.25 m, and the blasthole diameter d m was 1 meter, the blasthole diameters of 0.5 and 0.75 m were chosen for the experiments. The blasthole diameter was varied to allow the shock wave to penetrate the blasting area to a specified depth within the blasthole diameter range. The maximum limit of the blasthole diameter d m is the diameter of the charge, and it is 0.8 m.

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