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Short story about young woman with green eyes who discovers she can control minds from a distance.

This is a short story that I read in the 1980s in an anthology of science fiction stories. The protagonist is a young woman who begins to have visions of people around her and the ability to open and close a portal to another world. She begins to understand that she can open the portal from far away, about 20 or 25 feet away.
A man who is a professor tells her that this is possible and identifies her as having green eyes.


This is The Eyes of Medusa by Robert Sheckley (perhaps the name of the anthology you read it in had a lot of influence on how the story was told).
Although I know the anthology was in the 80s, I found this review from a woman who read the book some years ago, which sounds similar:

The Eyes of Medusa
The protagonist, the daughter of a scientist, is summoned to a private mental clinic, ostensibly for psychological treatment. What actually happens is that she is assaulted and “touched” by the doctor, who identifies her as having “green eyes.” Something about her eyes is familiar to him, but what? He notes their strange ability to focus accurately at great distances, despite the fact that they are already focusing at close range, which he has already explained in terms of optical projection.
The protagonist’s eyes are really only one thing — the Mind or Consciousness, or some such. For convenience, the Earth Mother is called an “it” and she admits to disliking the “sky-people” who claim dominion over the Earth Mother. The protagonist has visions, but no idea that she can “control” them or that they can be projected. As her visions are transmitted through the doctor’s mental apparatus, she is able to analyze his device, leading the doctor to another idea: the eyes of Medusa are used by the Mind as a method of visually representing the EEG waves of the brain.
The Earth Mother tells the protagonist that the Life Force or Matter

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Oct 22, 2019
Citect SCADA is a web SCADA system, based on. Its released version is 5.40. The general guideline is that Citect 5.40 SP2 is a pre-release and Citect 5.41 is released/stable version.
I don’t think there is a issue with Citect 5.4. It’s perfectly. MS Operating system supported.

May 19, 2019
Here is the link to the standalone. Its worked well for me.
You may need to uninstall old version of Citect.

Sep 17, 2018
You don’t need to uninstall everything. CitectSCADA works fine with newest version of Citect with same error.
If someone was struggling with that as well then I found out the solution – just uninstall an older version of Citect.

Nov 16, 2018
CitectSCADA version 5.41. It’s free for a limited time.

Sep 17, 2018
They have released new version of CitectSCADA, version 5.40, and it’s free to use till 31 October 2018, and for CitectMDSCAD version 5.4.

Jan 12, 2018
CitectSCADA version 5.41. It’s free for a limited time.

May 12, 2016
They have released new version of CitectSCADA, version 5.41.

Jul 16, 2015
When I try to install CitectSCADA in our windows 7 laptop it gives me the following error and says that the windows 7 is not supported. How can I fix this problem?
We have installed Citect for several weeks. Everything seems to be working fine. Is there a specific version 5.4.1 or 5.41 that works for windows 7?
Try downloading Windows 7. Any newer version of Windows. I am.

Please help me.

My project requirement is as follows.

. Old model of Citect.

CitectSCADA is a FREE web-based SCADA solution developed for the architecture industry.

. It’s released version is 5.40, and the general guideline is that Citect 5.40 SP2 is

Citect SCADA 5.4

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