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Cellular And Molecular Immunology Abbas Free Download

each chapter includes coverage of basic concepts, a chapter summary, key terms and their definitions, and clinical applications. practical approaches with clinical implications, such as the distinction between primary and secondary immunodeficiencies, are illustrated with clinical vignettes. all major topics included in the field are covered in depth, with an emphasis on the major topics, plus all references are updated to the most recent journal articles.

whether you are a beginner to this fascinating field or a seasoned immunologist who wants to stay current with the most recent advances, cellular and molecular immunology provides the ideal foundation for understanding immunology and its applications. it is the best text for students learning to use immunology as a tool for health care, understanding of disease, and designing effective vaccines, diagnostics, and therapies.

this is the definitive text on cellular and molecular immunology, and its continued excellence makes it a must-have for all immunology trainees, researchers, and educators. the ninth edition of this popular textbook continues to provide a comprehensive and practical introduction to the field and to serve as a foundation for future developments. new chapters emphasize the application of cellular and molecular immunology to diseases such as metabolic disorders, cancer, and infection. a new chapter on the immune microenvironment details the crosstalk between innate and adaptive immune systems, as well as the immunological response to the microenvironment of an organism. new chapters on tissue-resident adaptive immunity, co-evolutionary immunology, and epithelial immunity bring the reader up to date on this essential subject.

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the new edition captures the present state of knowledge and addresses all immunology topics including, but not limited to, antigen recognition and presentation, leukocyte activation and development, tissue remodeling/inflammation/repair, and immune regulation. major topics include: antigen presentation, b- and t-cell activation and functions, cytokines and chemokines, the complement system, and lymphocyte migration. the text reviews the evolution and functions of many immunological receptors (e.g., nk cell immunoreceptors and t-cell receptor), cellular interactions (e., leukocyte-endothelial interactions and innate and adaptive immunity), and molecular and signalling networks (e., signal transduction, kinases and phosphorylation pathways, and intracellular trafficking).
expanding on the landmark 9th edition, each chapter is enhanced by new and up-to-date coverage, including immunopathology, t- and b-cell activation and function, inflammation and repair, and all aspects of lymphocyte trafficking. the text is accompanied by numerous illustrations throughout, along with a comprehensive table of contents and index. the vast majority of figures and tables in this book are available in electronic form on a complimentary website at http://icmi.murdoch.edu.au/academics/lib/immunology/abbas_10th_edition.


Cellular And Molecular Immunology Abbas Free Download !!TOP!!

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