Create your own multiplayer games or pick from millions of games, animations, characters, scene items, and more. Play new games every day, or battle it out in a Player versus Environment (PvE) fight. All content is user generated, and in fact, everything on Roblox is user generated. Games, scenery, animated characters, emojis, music, all of it. It’s absolutely amazing. Developers! Artists! Musicians! Writers! Film makers! Make cool games. Share them with the world! Have fun!

Use The COVID Response Tool to Keep Roblox Safe

Before this COVID-19 pandemic, Roblox was just a good site for kids to hang out and have fun. Now it is on the front lines against the virus and protecting people.
Users are doing everything in their power to make sure that you don’t get banned, but if you are blocked for being rude or abusive, you are doing yourself a disservice. Roblox is one of the best platforms for creating games, scenes, and worlds for children. After this COVID-19 pandemic, it is going to be incredibly important to keep Roblox as a safe and enriching tool for children around the world.
Use the response tool now to contact your local Roblox support team, and also learn what you can do to help keep Roblox safe.
Get Roblox Support

How To Add Friends

Are your friends on Roblox? Or have you ever needed to contact someone who has Roblox on their own phone? You can add friends to your account on Roblox. You can find the friends of people you add below their profiles.
To add a friend on Roblox, find their profile, and click the friends button in the top navigation bar.

Who is Add Friend?

To add friends, you need to know their username on Roblox. Once you know their username you can do so below their profile.

How To Block Friends

Want to block someone on Roblox? Find their username on Roblox and click the block button under their profile.

How to Sign Out of Roblox

Sign Out of Roblox helps you manage your online life in privacy.
The best place to use it is on your mobile phone.
To sign out of Roblox, click the following link.

How to Delete Your Friends List


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