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1 History

1.1 Origins

1.1.1 The first versions of AutoCAD ran on mainframe computers.

1.1.2 In 1986, AutoCAD moved to personal computers.

1.2 Development and Products

1.2.1 “AutoCAD” Released in 1986, with version 2.6 Introduced multi-platform multi-user drawing capabilities and drawing templates Introduced multi-polygon modeling and drawing capabilities Introduced multiple datum reference points

1.2.2 “AutoCAD LT” Released in 1994 with version 2.3, the first version of AutoCAD to be targeted at small businesses Introduced a “non-pro” version of AutoCAD Introduced several new templates and drawing tools Introduced the Web Drawing Service (WDS)

1.2.3 “AutoCAD Architecture” Released in 2003, with version 2005, Autodesk introduced the first version of AutoCAD designed for building design professionals. Introduced parametric design Introduced a new architectural visualization tool and a new parametric modeling tool Introduced a new topology tool Introduced a new concept of “design space” Introduced 3D solids

1.2.4 “AutoCAD Map 3D” Released in 2008, with version 2007, Autodesk introduced a 3D version of AutoCAD. Introduced many features commonly associated with 3D CAD programs such as editing, viewing, and analyzing 3D solids Introduced the concept of “design space” in AutoCAD Map 3D Introduced multibody modeling

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AutoCAD Serial Key also provides a scripting language called AutoLISP. AutoLISP is an object-oriented dialect of the LISP programming language. AutoLISP is particularly useful for customizing AutoCAD, and for automating repetitive tasks. AutoLISP is used in an extensive variety of applications, from data processing to graphics design to circuit design. The advanced functions of AutoLISP allow software developers to quickly create and customize their own applications.

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AutoCAD’s DXF format allows importing and exporting drawing information.
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“Multiple annotations found at this line” when using IntelJ to run my program

I have created my method that includes two annotations:


I am using the option “run program” in the IDE (Konsole), so when i run the project, i get the error:
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Error while creating a BeanInfo

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3.Create New drawing in Autocad.
Select Primitives tab in Autocad’s ribbon, in the Draw panel choose Create new – Active and select surfaces, click ok, select your new polyline shape (grid for example) and draw some shapes that represent your surface.

4. Export your shape to a shapefile:
In photoshop go to save as, select dxf as file type, click open.
In autocad open your shape file, and you will see all the imported shape.
Export to vector format (raster)
In photoshop:
File > Export > Save for Web
In Autocad:
Shape > Convert to vector > Save as DXF

5. Export your shape to a polyline and replace gridline with solid color
This requires 2 steps.

1.Use the create new polyline shape.
Select a grid line shape (what is auto CAD) and replace it with polyline.

2.Select your new polyline and copy it.
Edit > Copy.
Select Auto CAD’s polyline.
Edit > Paste.
Select Auto CAD’s grid line shape.

6.Export the polyline as a shapefile to be used with a map.

7.Create a map:

8.Add the imported polyline shape to the map and add a label.


Pig 0.11.0 row is out of schema

I want to write to the file using 0.11.0 version of pig. But I’m getting the error:
java.lang.Exception: Row is out of schema (org.apache.pig.PigException)
at org.apache.pig.impl.QueryLogic$$anonfun$writeData$1.apply(QueryLogic.scala:216)
at org.apache.pig.impl.QueryLogic$$anonfun$writeData$1.apply(QueryLogic.scala:216)
at org.apache.pig.impl.QueryLogic$$anonfun$writeToLogic$1.apply(QueryLogic.scala:342)
at org.apache.pig.impl.QueryLogic$$anonfun$writeToLogic$1.apply(QueryLogic.scala:341)

What’s New In?

Automate your quality control system:

With the AutoCAD Quality Assurance Tool, you can create templates for reports and production drawings, and link them to a drawing or template. You can then create jobs in the drawing template and automatically send out the reports. You’ll still need to review your reports, but when you do, you’ll know exactly what to look for. (video: 1:14 min.)

Newly enhanced productivity features:

New Linking, Alignment, and Embed toolboxes speed up your workflow by enabling you to quickly link, align, and embed files, shapes, and text in your drawings, and transfer data from one drawing to another. (video: 1:35 min.)

Enhanced Overlay:

With your custom dialogs and custom presets, you can preview, adjust, and modify the appearance of your Overlays. You can also create previews and previews directly on your display (video: 1:41 min.).

Real-time collaboration features:

With real-time collaboration in AutoCAD, you can work together in real time without switching to separate sessions. You can access other CAD documents without downloading and opening files, and you can share drawing and annotations with team members, or with other users. You can even work together in real time while your team continues their activities in another session. (video: 1:37 min.)

You can now quickly create powerful outlines with new Text and Line Options:

Simplify the process of creating general, title, and heading text. With new Text Options, you can easily create general text at any angle, use specific lengths and horizontal position, and use the same attributes across drawings or type any text in any direction (video: 1:14 min.)

New Options for drawing routes and general text:

Now you can easily control the placement of routes and general text, and have more control over how they are displayed in your drawings. For example, you can control the spacing between routes, and control the exact placement of text on routes and titles. (video: 1:13 min.)

New auto-increment shortcuts for many commands:

Use these shortcuts to access common commands without having to enter full paths to the commands (Video: 1:32 min.)

Exclusive new color picker:

What’s new in the

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows 7/8/10
NVIDIA GTX 600 series/AMD Radeon HD 7000 series
DirectX 11
HDD space 10GB for installer and all mods
One way to help your PC run smoothly is to make sure your drivers are updated. We don’t want you waiting at least 30 minutes to start a game, do we? If you haven’t installed all of our recommended mods, some games may experience some bugs or performance issues.So if you have everything installed, and your games are fine, there are a couple of things that

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