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she, who was in the vedas, is known as the mother of the universe. she is the companion of skanda, the son of the wind. besides this, mahalakshmi, the wife of skanda, is worshipped by the gandharvas. she lives in the south and is called the female god. she is considered a form of devi. she is the mother goddess of the hindus. she is the wife of skanda. she is known as aditi and kali.

she is the consort of siva, she is the wife of skanda. she is a deity of shiva, and skanda is her son. she is a goddess who is the daughter of brahma. she is a goddess, who is present in temples called vastra mahalas. she is the daughter of the goddess shakti. she is the wife of skanda. she is the mother of balas, the son of siva, and the elder brother of skanda. she is a goddess. she is known as the “goddess of prosperity”.

this is an intense, raw and raw power. the decks of truth are always present in the playback. true intuition is what the classical guitarist has in its power. and this song is one of my most liked from this disc. it is delicate but very powerful. i can’t wait to put it on my guitar. i cannot play it, but i love it.

if you hate yourself, simply love yourself. if you do not like yourself, well, get to like yourself. what really matters is whether you like the person you are, if you love life, you are bound to like yourself.

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