AudioThing € Frostbite 2 V2.0.0 X64 VST

this review is done by me, better known as envierin (a portmanteau of “envoyeur”), i’m mainly a graphic and web designer who also enjoys exploring the creation of sounds and creating artwork for personal projects.

i truly love the design that goes into programming. the workflow being easy and well thought out, it allows me to program and experiment on a whim, something that has evolved over time.
how about a solid first impression?
i’ve had frostbite for a few days now, and i must say that once i set to work, it’s worth the wait. if you’d like to see some of the settings in action before reading this review, check out this video clip :

despite it’s only 16 months of existence, it’s already has a stable user base. as we said, the guy behind the vst, audiothing, is also behind max/msp, a popular and very well known synth program. so they know what they are doing and they made sure that can learn a bunch of new and powerful features without being constraining.

during the upgrade, i’ve made a lot of changes, especially in the control panel, although i haven’t touched the modules. (i’ll give them a little more attention once i go a little bit deeper into the program.)

at the moment, frostbite has a free version (free as in free beer), and a commercial version for $59 usd.
as a freebie version, it already has most of what you could use in a reverb, however you are limited to the free presets.
i’ve added a few presets that were missing in the free version.
to be able to use the commercial version, you must have a partner support account that you can set up on the creative suite web page .
a good support account will allow you to save presets and unlimited demo licenses.

there is a huge list of common features in this plugin, but i like to go to it’s manual, because there are a lot of hidden gems in it. first of all, you can load presets, or grab your own, but you can also modify them and make your own. i love this feature, especially if it’s a library plugin, because then you can save your own effects settings and use them in different projects. also, i like to use this version for effects that need automation options. the automation is really easy to use and “drag’n’drop” method works perfectly.
after some initial testing, and testing of any new plug-in i use, i usually go to presets menu and to the variation tab. if the preset is good, the variations are interesting and if it’s good, the preset has a lot of options and is quite powerful and versatile. in this case, i see a more detailed description of things like phase inversion, waveforms, transients, equalization, modulation, amplitude filters, frequency filters, bandpasses and more, and for each of the effects i can find the controls to tweak things in just a few seconds.
you can get all the details and the settings in the manual. there is a button to “look inside the plugin”, which will take you to the detailed description of the effects list. there is also an option to use it as a master for standalone players, so you can use it as an external sound source.
this is a first attempt and i can only say that it works for what it is. i really hope to find the time to add some more features. i see it is developed by a team and that is always a good thing! i am sure that if it was only a hobby project, it would not be so complete. unfortunately right now is not the time for me to make it mine – i am busy for my studies, but surely i will return to it soon. feel free to comment and give me your feedback – i’d appreciate it!

AudioThing € Frostbite 2 V2.0.0 X64 VST

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