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Please help me out here if i am missing something.Thanks in advance.


Try deleting the files that are in your ~/.Xmodmap folder, and logging into an X session to see if that fixes the issue.

Japan’s deep dive to the bottom of the Pacific continues as its sub finally raises the face of a real thing. This sub isn’t quite the same as the one that saw America’s first attempt to film deep-sea life; it has only one camera and the operation to remove the camera is complicated. Still, this is amazing news for anyone who doesn’t mind seeing something that looks like the alien creatures they only ever saw in science fiction movies. The Japanese team placed the camera inside an empty ballast tank and then moved the sub to the bottom of the Pacific to wait until it has something to show.

[Image credit: NOAA/Navy]Mutation of the C-helix in the E2 glycoprotein of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus causes alteration of the fusion of virus with host cells.
Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV), a highly pathogenic and antigenically divergent virus, possesses only a moderate genetic stability in vitro. Several mutations responsible for attenuation of the virus in pigs have been identified. The presence of two different genetic populations of PRRSV was suggested by analysis of the nucleotide sequences of the E2 glycoprotein. To determine which of the E2 mutations are responsible for the observed genetic diversity, recombinant viruses were generated between a highly pathogenic and a mutated non-pathogenic population of PRRSV strains. The majority of the mutations present in the mutated non-pathogenic strain were also present in the pathogenic population and mainly clustered in the E2-coding sequence of the open reading frame 2 (ORF2). The E2-coding sequence of the pathogenic population was shown to be highly mutated when compared to that of the mutated non-pathogenic population. Recombinant viruses possessing the same mutations present in both populations replicated more efficiently in the absence of interferon than the wild-type viruses and the growth of these viruses in the presence of interferon was significantly reduced. Only one of the E2-coding sequence mutations of the mutated non-pathogenic population was expressed at higher levels than that of the wild-type virus. In contrast, the E

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“Please delete my build” msg in TFS

Each time I check in my code TFS kicks up a message like this “Please delete my build”. I go ahead and click it and then it creates another build. Just to see what happens I canceled this and it again kicks up the same message. Is there any way to turn this off in my TFS settings or turn it off for specific projects only?


In order to disable this popup, go to Team Explorer -> Builds-> Advanced Settings.
In that page, there is a section saying “Skip Builds with User Notifications Enabled”.


This is a Hotfix, go to Team Explorer -> Builds -> Advanced Settings.
In that page, there is a section saying “Skip Builds with User Notifications Enabled”.
Check that box to disable the popup.


You can turn on/off the use of the User Messages in the Builds menu under the Advanced Settings tab (Team Explorer > Builds > Builds Options >Advanced).





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