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Learn About Us

Trust. XTC Hair Rejuvenation Systems™ were developed by industry experts, as any easy, convenient, multi-step system to help eliminate the major cause of thinning hair, slows the progression of aging hair, proactively supports healthy hair growth, and rejuvenates hair damaged

XTC Hair Rejuvenation Systems™ & Products

XTC Hair Rejuvenation Systems™ & Products

XTC Hair Rejuvenation Systems™ brings world-class hair loss and healthy hair products and system solutions exclusively to salons and spas. Comprehensive Systems XTC™ products have been proven to halt hair loss and boost hair growth. So how can we make

Low Level Light Treatment (LLLT)

Low Level Light Treatment (LLLT)

About Hair Therapy FDA Cleared Laser Technology Learn about FDA cleared lasers like HairMax® LaserBand®, Capillus® and more for home hair loss treatment. Come in to one of our locations to talk about the at-home laser; you can also discuss

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XTC Featured Salon – The Primping Place

How Has XTC Worked For Your Salon? XTC has made my dreams come true! About a year-and-a-half ago, I was on Facebook and saw an ad to become a Trichologist. I was interested in what that was, since the technical

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XTC Testimonials

Each and every client I have that has bought into the XTC Program has experienced extraordinary re-growth and restoration. These products do EXACTLY what they say they are going to do. The lasers are amazing and the results are phenomenal.

Jessica Davis, Rock Your Locs Salon, Grovetown, Georgia

I chose to work with the XTC Systems because I wanted to expand my salon into a hair restoration clinic. We are currently an eco friendly salon and I felt that this system would go perfectly with my current brand. I wanted to solve problems for a market out there that’s not getting the attention that’s needed.

Natasha Paul, Evolution Green Room - Brooklyn, NY

I've been meaning to tell you.... I have had my entire scalp covered in Psoriasis for about 3-4 years, nothing cleared it up. I've been using the kit on myself, and within 2 shampoos, my entire scalp is healed!

Karla Isbell, Arizona

Hair Magic!

Ashley Gene Richardson, Texas